Tenant Representation

Selecting space for your business or organization and successfully negotiating an attractive lease or purchase arrangement are complex, time-consuming tasks.  The risks to you or your business only multiply if you undertake this process on your own without the guidance of a commercial real estate professional who represents your interests as a tenant.  Retaining the services of a tenant representation specialist who acts on your behalf will not only eliminate many of the headaches associated with site selection and lease negotiation, but will ultimately save you real money and contribute to the fiscal health of your organization.  If you or your organization are considering making a commercial real estate transaction, we at Oliver Smith Realty & Development Company, Inc. would encourage you to consider the following points before you proceed:


Tenent Representation
Retaining a tenant representative to guide you through the transaction will generally cost you nothing because our fee is already built into the lease or purchase.
How familiar are you with the structure of a commercial lease or purchase agreement? Do you feel comfortable manipulating the structure of a lease or purchase agreement in order to meet your organization’s specific budgetary and time frame requirements?
Do you have the time and expertise to research the real estate market with knowledge of opportunities that are currently available as well as those which may become available in the future or those that are in the pre-construction phase?
How much time do you have on your hands? Are you able to make yourself available not only to explore the market for the best site for your business but to also deal with the various different brokers, landlords, attorneys, and contractors who may make an appearance in a commercial real estate transaction?
How well do you know the market in our region? Do you have a working knowledge of the effective leasing rates and inducements being offered?
Are you aware that real estate costs are typically the second largest line item expense a business undertakes? Do you know how to leverage real estate to improve the overall health and competitive position of your organization?
Oliver Smith Realty has an in depth knowledge of the commercial real estate market and has proven experience in the lease and sale of land for retail, office, medical, and restaurant uses gained from thousands of transactions undertaken successfully over our 75 year history.  Whether you are just starting a new business or opening your twentieth location, Oliver Smith Realty has experts in the field ready and willing to aid you in meeting your commercial real estate needs and to take your business to the next level.
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