Grow -A Shane Archer Concept is the recipient of the Pinnacle Business Award. Shane Archer is the owner of Grow, which is a full service hair salon that also focuses on skin care, and he is also the partner of Oliver Smith Realty and Development. Grow- a Shane Archer Concept has been presented this award because the business shows a innovative way of making East Tennessee a better place to live through community projects and giving back. Through fundraising and sponsorships they raised over $50,000 over the past four years to support their local community. One of the big initiatives that Grow focused on was the butterfly fund, which gives money to the Children’s Hospital to help children that have cancer. There are also 20 additional initiatives that Grow focuses on in order to help out the community. This is why Grow- a Shane Archer Concept has won this award. They have so many ways that they give back to their local community.