Here at Oliver Smith Realty and Auction Company, Inc., our team is extremely excited by the fact that this year we are fortunate to be celebrating our 80th Anniversary.  Concurrent with this monumental celebration, important changes are in the process of taking place at our firm as well.  The most exciting of which is our new proposed name change.  The moniker of our company has served us well through three generations of family ownership; however, over time a principal part of our original business model has changed.  Although we will always be proud of our commercial real estate auction heritage, that my grandfather instituted, this component of our core professional services has diminished with time and been replaced with stronger concentrations in medical and commercial real estate development, commercial brokerage, 1031 Tax Exchange acquisitions, tenant representation, real estate investment analysis and strategic retail and restaurant positioning.

Inherent to the process of conducting successful business is the flexibility to adapt to inevitable change.  Our company continues to adjust to this ever expanding and complex real estate marketplace, while still holding on to the fundamental principles that have made Oliver Smith Realty withstand the test of time.  In 1939, our founder, Oliver A. Smith, Jr., had the gift of understanding the intrinsic value of real estate and possessed the vision to realize its future importance in a defined market.  “It’s the promise of vision, tempered with the wisdom of experience”, aptly summarized our founders view of our company’s important mission.

I have proudly served at the helm of our company now for more than 30 years.  Our firm has literally reshaped the way commercial real estate is regarded in East Tennessee; bringing Knoxville its first two regional malls, setting the trend for upscale commercial development and retaining a solid reputation for sound solutions by offering fully integrated services.  Today, Oliver Smith Realty continues this tradition of being an integral part of this area’s growth.  We continually endeavor to create a desirable synergy between the community and the projects at hand.  By providing this broad spectrum of professional offerings, we have become a single point of contact for our clients’ real estate needs.

There is no substitute for extensive experience or depth of understanding.  Through indispensable disciplines and a highly trained organization of real estate professionals, we continue to dedicate ourselves to providing real estate solutions to help mold our region’s landscape.  With a strong entrepreneurial base, we strive to bring a powerful and unique perspective to each of our clients.  We are thankful to those individuals and companies who have entrusted their interests to our company throughout 80 years.  Under the new corporate title of Oliver Smith Realty and Development Company, Inc., we commit to continue as a leader in commercial real estate and development in our home of East Tennessee.