Hotel Cleo, a new boutique hotel that is opening in December, proves that old buildings can be brought back to life. Oliver Smith Realty and Development brokered the deal and sold the property to HD Patel of Ephant Group. He has stated that he has always wanted to do something new in Knoxville that impacts Knoxville’s hospitality scene. In fact, he did with the sixteen-room property that is located in the Hope Brothers Building. The details of the over a hundred-year-old building are paired with antique furnishings, natural light, and Louis XVI-styled beds. In addition, the rooms of the hotel are more like studio apartments, as they average 450 square feet. The hotel also has a restaurant called Lilou, which will be a French Brasserie. The restaurant is run by Jessica King and Aaron Thompson, who are a power couple in the Knoxville Hospitality industry. The offerings of this hotel certainly make it feel like a home away from home.