Income Investment Properties


We at Oliver Smith Realty & Development Company, Inc. offer a broad spectrum of real estate investment programs and opportunities. Through a diversified portfolio of properties, we asses each client’s risk and return strategy.

We encourage our investors and sellers to seize current market opportunities. Our extensive platform provides investors access to a national network of other investment specialists and developers whose sole focus is real estate. Our dedicated investment team can manage a single strategy or a fund series of acquisitions. Our advisers are supported by extensive resources; and we employ a disciplined research-based investment management process that capitalizes on our 80 plus year regional market expertise. Through developing a close relationship with our clients, we furnish a portfolio strategy that helps identify target markets and properties.

Each investment decision is carefully crafted to accommodate the goals of our client and maximize their investment returns. This proven process is extremely important; especially when involved with a 1031 tax exchange and it’s limited time constraints.