Multi-family and Senior Living

 Multi-family development in the last decade has become much more prevalent due to issues such as higher student debt, residential construction expense and a social shift away from home ownership; and senior development has escalated due to the graying of America. Millennials and retirees alike are consistently turning to rental and housing options versus traditional ownership. Affordable housing is also becoming challenging to find for working class Americans. These key statistics have generated an ever-changing and the every-growing demand for market rate multi-family housing, senior housing, independent living, assisted living and affordable housing as well as other new types of higher density dwellings. These assets are viewed as conservative and sustainable investments and that has translated into a virtual boom in the multi-family investment and senior housing development industries. Both investors and developers can now capture the tremendous upside that comes with these real estate categories. 

MultiFamily Mobile

At Oliver Smith Realty and Development Company, we pride ourselves on the ability to source formidable investments and sites for our clients throughout the region. Having personal involvement with the development of over 3,000 new apartment units, assisted and independent living communities and having transacted numerous multi-family community sales and site selection, we have garnered the experience and expertise to be the source for these opportunities. In a competitive marketplace, clients seek the firm who can provide proper guidance during acquisition, development and disposition of these assets. Having had experience with these varying genres, Oliver Smith Realty and Development Company will take on any role requested by our valued clientele; including investment counseling, development, site acquisitions, and portfolio sales. We strive to provide a high level of service, honestly and expertise in our representation, regardless of size.