According to recent reports, property sales are on the rise around Smokies Stadium. This trend is likely due to the stadium’s increasing popularity and the development of the surrounding area. With a variety of events and attractions at the stadium, such as baseball games, concerts, and festivals, the demand for nearby housing has grown in recent years. As a resl)lt, many real estate investors and developers have taken notice and are taking advantage of the opportunity to build new properties in the area.

In addition to the stadium’s events, the surrounding neighborhood has also experienced a boost in commercial development, including new restaurants, shopping centers, and other businesses. This growth has created more job opportunities in the area, making it an attractive place to live for people who want to be close to both work and entertainment. As a result, property sales are increasing, and property values are rising, creating a hot market for investors and homeowners alike. With the continued development of the area, it is likely that property sales will continue to rise, making Knoxville, TN an excellent place to invest in real estate.